During the use of this website both personal and non-personal information is collected in order to provide, improve and enhance the experience of this website and the products and services we offer. The following explains in more details the policy we undertake in our dealing with the information transferred during your visit to this site.

Collection of personal information

Any information you submit to us on our website, is collected and stored. You can choose not to provide this information, however we cannot reasonably be expected to know any information you do not provide and certain information is required in order for us to provide a minimum level of service.

Use of personal information

The personal information that you provide us is used in responding to your requests, fulfilling the delivery of any orders placed or services requested, and communicating with you to ensure that any products or services are properly provided.

Certain personal information that is requested by a third party to fulfill your requests is only given where it is required by law, or is reasonably assumed to be required for the completion of your request.

Personal information that you provide us is also used anonymously to help us develop, deliver, and improve our products, services, content, and advertising.

Collection of non-personal information

Non-personal information, in a form that does not permit direct association with any specific individual, is automatically collected during your interaction with our website and stored separately to and unlinked from any personal information that you may provide.

Use of non-personal information

Non-personal information that you provide us is may be stored, used, transferred, and disclosed for any purpose. The following are some examples of non-personal information that we collect about visitors to the site.

  • Length of time spent on a page, and the path a user has navigated through the website.
  • The browser version, screen resolution, and other technical information about the device used to access the website.

Collection of information from minors

We do not sell products for purchase by children. We do sell some children’s products for purchase by adults. If you are under 18, you may use this site only with the involvement of a parent or guardian.

Storage and security of personal and non-personal information

The collection, storage and use of information gathered by us are done with precautions to safeguard against loss, theft, and misuse, as well as against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction.

These precautions include password protection for electronic files, securing paper files in locked cabinets and physical access restrictions.

Personal information that is submitted during the checkout of products in our store is done so using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. An SSL-enabled browser such as Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer is required to properly protect the confidentiality of your personal information while it’s transmitted over the Internet.

Any information stored that is linked to personal information is treated as personal information, until it is no longer able to be identified with any specific individual.

When no longer required, personal information is destroyed in a secure manner or otherwise deleted.

Access to personal and non-personal information

If you have submitted details that are inaccurate, incomplete, or otherwise need correction, please contact us directly as soon as you become aware of any potential problems.

If an identified individual requests access to the personal information we hold about them, or requests that we change that personal information, we will make good faith efforts to allow access or make the changes unless we consider that there is a sound reason under the Privacy Act, or other relevant law not to do so.

We may decline to process requests that are unreasonably repetitive, require disproportionate technical effort, jeopardize the privacy of others, are extremely impractical, or for which access is not otherwise required by law.

Although we do not store any personal data as a cookie on your device, Microsoft design of session variables requires that cookies be enabled in your browser, in order for us to create the cookie at our end.

Cookies and other technology

A cookie is a small piece of information that is stored by a web browser. The information can be stored for a few minutes or it can be stored for years and then expire.

When visiting our website we may create a cookie containing a unique customer reference number so that we can identify your browse path on our website. No personal information is contained in or linked to the cookie, however non-personal information from your visit may be collected by us for marketing purposes and is linked to the customer reference number.
For personal information collected during your visit we instead use a concept called session variables. Session variables are stored for short periods of time on our web server. They help us to remember the state of what is being ordered and by whom. They vanish when session ends.

Disclosure to third parties

We will not sell or rent any of your personally-identifiable information to third parties. We will not share any of your personally-identifiable information with third parties except in the limited circumstances described below, or with your express permission.

We do share information with companies that help us process the transactions you request. For example, we may give your details to a courier to deliver an order, or your order details to an giftbasket outlet to have a product sent from a closer location.

We also share information with companies that protect our customers’ transactions from fraud. For example, we may report your credit card number to a service that screens for lost and stolen card numbers.

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

We respect your right to have your information remain private. If you have any further questions regarding the privacy of your information, contact us on 1300 794 262.